Nonwoven in Wipes

HBN - NIRI Nonwoven in Wipes Complete Technical Training
Lecturers: Dr. Matthew Tipper, Dr. Vera Chetty
10-14 September 2018, Istanbul - Cevahir Hotel Istanbul Asia

HBN-NIRI Nonwoven in Wipes Complete Technical Training is the most comprehensive nonwoven wipes technical training ever designed for every professional active in the industry and/or providing services to the industry to specialize in the field.

Identification of nonwoven wipes, properties, manufacture, performance requirements, production and packaging costs, latests trends and other up-to-date subjects will be studied profoundly at the five days long training.

The lectures will be given in English - and translated simultaneously to Turkish.

Theory will be supported with practical lessons, which will allow participants to strengthen their knowledge. One day of the training will be on site, visiting a nonwoven wipes factory.

Who Should Participate?

Professionals who want to meet the nonwoven wipes world and to obtain a complete education on the subject, professionals willing to refresh their knowledge in nonwoven wipes, to improve themselves, to meet the innovative technical developments in the field, professionals aiming to increase their company’s profitability and production power, or those who are looking a way to better understand the needs of their clients should participate the HBN-NIRI Nonwoven in Wipes Complete Technical Training.


  • Product developers
  • Converters
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Packaging suppliers
  • Raw good manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Brands
  • Private label wipe manufacturers and converters

Matthew obtained 1st Class honours and a PhD in Textile Technology from the University of Leeds. He has direct experience of the design, development and manufacture of both single-use and durable nonwoven materials. With a commercial background in manufacturing and nonwoven product development, as Business Director he is responsible for innovation, product development and project management at NIRI.
For those people who want to truly understand how to engineer specific performance into nonwoven fabric and learn how to apply this to wipes need to take this course. It's the most comprehensive course in wipes ever provided, delivered by true experts in the field of nonwovens. Discover the secrets of advanced nonwoven wipe technology and how to apply the knowledge to develop leading edge wipes.
Dr. Matthew Tipper
Business Director NIRI
Vera attained a Masters Degree in Textile Engineering and PhD in Computer Simulation of Wetting and Wicking Phenomena at the Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic. Vera has many years of experience in research and development of nonwovens and technical textiles which she gained by working for numerous research institutions in several different countries. Vera’s main interest is in development of novel nonwoven products.
The Complete nonwovens and wipes training course fulfils its title as the attendees will gain incomparable comprehensive knowledge in nonwoven materials and technologies with particular emphasis on wipe nonwoven substrates, performance enhancement, converting, quality management and latest developments in the sector. The outstanding quality is guaranteed as the training is delivered by experts with over 20 years experience in the field.
Dr. Vera Chetty
Chief Technical Manager NIRI